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(Please read this: How to combat date rape drug)

"Mom... I want a dad...," my daughter said to me one afternoon. "I know you can't order one out of a catalogue, but I wish you could... wouldn't it be cool to have a dad... he could take us places, and maybe you wouldn't have to work so hard." She gave me a hug and walked out of the room. As she turned her back, the tears began to fall and the guilt (from not being able to offer her a male roll model) that surfaces once in a while came rushing forward. I decided then that maybe I should think about dating...

DATING! Ok... dating. As single parents, we've dated before... after all that is how most of us became parents in the first place. Many of us have been through a break-up or an ending of a relationship, and we are often leery about venturing out to pursue a social/romantic relationship again. To top it off we have children at home, which, for some, makes the radar go up everytime we have a social encounter--"is this possible parent material" or, "would she get along with my kids". Whether you've made a mission out of dating or are thinking about going on a first date (again) the internet can be a great place to meet people. Here are some ideas for dating online! On-line... dating without leaving home. There are numerous internet dating services and matchmaking services that are geared toward single parents. You often register with a service, fill out a profile form, submit a photo, and then look at the others who have done the same. Chat rooms are another way to meet and talk to alot of singles at one time. An on-line cocktail party, if your will! Finding a chat room that is geared toward single parents or single parent dating is a great way to meet other single parents thinking the same as you are. Brenda Ross the Dating Guide at talks about safe chatting. "Be sure to have fun and be safe. Don't give out your full name or your phone number or even your e-mail address to someone you don't know. ... The less information you give out about yourself, the safer you are. Remember: you never have to give out any information about yourself, including age/sex/location information! That's it for the rules. Have fun and chat safely! NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLINE. If you choose to do so, then wait until you've known them for awhile and feel more comfortable about it. Start with email, and if you want to talk on the phone but still feel a bit uneasy, then ask for their number rather than giving yours out. Remember, some people aren't going to be honest."

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