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Parents Alone Support Services

3 Main Street, Finglas Village, Finglas, Dublin 11
Phone+353 (0)1 8643342
PASS is funded by FAS Community Employment,
The Department of Social Community and Family Affairs and the European Union.

Parenting Alone in the Irish Republic

Letter to the Editor Magill Magazine


PASS was established in 1995 by founder members of established lone parent groups such as Finglas Separated Parents Group, One Plus, Contact and SPAN.  Through their involvement with these groups, they recognised the need to establish a centralised Drop In Information centre for all lone parents regardless of age or gender.  At present PASS employs 18 part-time Community Employment participants and has a pool of approximately 15 volunteer staff.  To date there are approximately 250 members of PASS with this number increasing daily.  Membership is open to all lone parents regardless of age, gender, religion, politics, sexuality, parents with custody shared or access.  PASS activity  encourages and supports the involvement of male lone parents.



PASS is a lone parent support group managed by lone parents, for lone parents to further the interests of lone parents.  We believe there is a need for recognition of lone parent families as equal to any other family formation.
PASS has an "all inclusive" interpretation of the term lone parent and its membership is open to all irrespective of gender or circumstances of parenting alone.
PASS are committed to encouraging the fullest participation of both parents in the upbringing of their child/ren where the best interest of the child is being served.
PASS are committed to working towards an just society where equal opportunity is afforded to all irrespective of gender, ethnic origin or class.
  • is a pro active organisation providing a confidential non-judgmental support system for all lone parents.
  • to develop a lone parent Family Resource Centre in Finglas where 75% of queries can be handled in the one place.
  • PASS realises the importance of professional, affordable and accessible childcare facilities for lone parents and are committed to supporting their introduction to allow access to training, education, employment opportunities and equally to allow for free time.
  • to facilitate the role of men as active lone parents.
  • increase awareness of issues affecting lone parents and work towards possible solutions.
  • enhance education and employment opportunities for lone parents and to act as a channel for information.
  • to network with other relevant groups and organisations.
  • to develop the capacity of lone parents to actively participate in their own communities and address issues of their concern.
  • to work for positive changes in the public perception of lone parents.
  • to oppose all forms of discrimination against lone parents or any other minority groups.
  • encourage lone parents empowerment through supporting self help groups, further education, training and other options as identified by lone parents themselves.
  • PASS recognises the importance of information technology and is committed to encouraging its understanding and wider uses by lone parents.

Information Service
PASS information service is non directive available to lone parents and the general public no-one is turned away.  The service operates counselling services or other specialist services, such as mediation etc.  However, we refer people to agencies for these services.  PASS provide general information on the following categories:

  • Family Law
  • Social Welfare
  • Housing
  • Education/Training
  • Mediation
  • Childcare


PASS are committed to highlighting and removing discrimination and barriers to lone parents development and to working towards a society free of discrimination.  To this end, PASS have produced information literature that focuses on lone parents issues and has run/supported campaigns in the past, These have included:

  • Lone Parents and Work
  • Exposing the myths of Lone Parenthood
  • Finglas Lone Parents - the facts
  • Share the Wealth Campaign
  • Community Employment Eligibility Cutbacks
  • Various campaigns with OPEN

PASS produce a monthly newsletter containing information relevant to lone parents.  The newsletter currently has a circulation of 500


PASS-UPDATE Issue 23 Sept/October 2000
PASS UPDATE Issue 22 June/August 2000
PASS UPDATE Issue 21 April/May 2000
Parenting Alone in the Irish Republic

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